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We’re holding our 2020 Egg Fun Day on Sunday 5th April from 2.00 to 4.00pm

Do come along for our Egg themed afternoon.  Look for frog eggs (tadpoles), slug eggs (ugh), chocolate eggs, make some crafty eggs.  There will be free refreshments and lots to do.  So, come along, bring an adult, dress in mucky clothes and enjoy yourselves.



September update

Apple Day 24 September 2016 – We all had a fantastic afternoon with over 40 people, a lot of whom had never been to the garden before.  We had prepared it well with lots of lovely Welsh cakes and apple fritters made to order.  Children made apple and blackberry crumbles to take home.  We had a craft corner where children made apple creatures, apple print bunting, model insects and lots of paintings.  The pond provided pond dipping opportunities – our greater pond snails have multiplied but we also found dragonfly larvae, frogs and many smaller insects.  The littlest children chilled out in the willow dome and played in the sand pit.  And there was lots of produce to take away as well.  All free of charge.  Roll on Apple Day 2017!

August update

It’s been a funny mixed month at the Sleeper Path with blazing sun one moment followed by cold miserable days.  But, the produce has been amazing.  Our sales stall this Wednesday contained sweet peas, blackberries, apples, French beans, runner beans, peas, parsnips, onions, garlic, shallots, tomatoes, raspberries, spinach, leeks, damson jams, herbs and pot plants!  Help, we need more land.  But we also need more volunteers, so if you know of anyone who would like to join us on a Wednesday morning for some good exercise, company and fresh air, let them know.  The frogs are growing well and the leaf cutter bee has been active laying eggs in our bee box.


July update

New Earswick Garden is blooming now, and so are the weeds.  But weeds help wildlife, so we don’t really care!  The cherries were fantastic this year and we managed to prevent the birds eating them all.  We’re still picking rhubarb and have made some mixed fruit jam to sell at the gate using strawberries and loganberries to add to the rhubarb.  We’ll be picking broad beans, and possibly potatoes as well this week. So, we’d love to see you there, possibly helping to cope with the weeds!

ps check out the Folk Hall raised bed for some veggies too.